Flux Series Products

6-6 Low-resin Halogen-free Solid Flux for Cored Wire

6-6-1 Introductions

This flux is the newest flux product co-researched with School of Material Science and Engineering, Tianjin University. Mainly apply to the electrical products which serve under higher temperature, as well as the welding of Ni-plated substrate.

This flux looks like white wax under room temperature and become colorless homogenous liquid if heats up to 110-130℃.The flux presents high spread ability and good activity which matches with the Sn-Cu solder alloy very well.

The Content of resin in this product is very low and the halogen content is lower than the RoHS regular. It could be applied to the electrical products which need manual soldering with flux cored solder wires.


  1. No Resin or the resin content lower than 20%.
  2. The residue content is lower than the traditional resin-based flux.
  3. The residue after soldering is colorless and durable for 24hr under 180℃
  4. No toxin in the flux and no mephitic smell during soldering.
  5. The isulation resistance is over 1012Ω
  6. No erosion on the Copper mirror test.

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