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6-5 Special Flux for Al Alloy Soldering

6-5-1 L080 Introduction

L080 flux is an environmentally friendly lead-free aluminum flux, comply with RoHS requirements, 001 Flux is a flux with excellent performance used for metal welding such as aluminum and copper with good wetting, bright solder joints even after welding. It can quickly and efficiently remove the aluminum oxide film, reduc the surface tension of solder, enhance wetting and welding reliability, and make solder joints bright and solid. All of the traits above ensure a perfect welding results.

L080 Characteristics

  1. Colorless or light yellow liquid
  2. Stable quality, in line with the RoHS directive
  3. Spot full, bright, with little residual
  4. Excellent welding reliability, strong, good solder joint conductivity
  5. Good insulation resistance, and high rate to pass the high pressure tests
  6. No corrosion. Aluminum wire doesnot corrode after immersion in the flux for a whole month

L080 Compositions

Water, Alcohol solvent, Activator , Surfactant, Anti-oxide, Corrosion Inhibitors

L080 Technical Parameters:

items physical state Acid-base properties Density Solubility
Indicators Light yellow or yellow transparent liquid ph=7-9 0.958±0.010g/ml Water-soluble

L080 Applications fields

L080 is mainly applied in the soldering procedure in the production of induction cooker, microwave ovens, transformers, degaussing coil, the level of the transformer, power distribution box, lighting, high-precision automatic voltage regulator, various models of isolated transformers, and motors, as well as welding wire.

L080 Operation Manual


  1. In welding, soldering temperature furnace is set to 280-330℃, select appropriate temperature range according to different technics
  2. Applicable solder alloy:

    Lead-free alloy series

    Tin-lead alloy series
  3. Before dip soldering, paint remover and polishing means are used to remove the impurities on the surface of aluminum and copper to ensure a bright, clean, surface
  4. Identify welding parts, distance and other conditions, ensure the connect parts are connected solidly before welding (There should be no wire wound and loose of connection parts)
  5. Use plastic or glass containers to take appropriate amount of flux (Do not take too much one time as the flux is volatile.)


  1. Immerse the site of weldment in the flux for 1-2 seconds, then slowly immerse in weld tin stove and keep still. The whole process of immersion should be 0-5 seconds.
  2. Take out the weldment after welding. The spot surface is bright, full.
  3. Residues: residues don't need cleaning for little corrosion. For some special products, deionized water is available to remove the residues after soldering.

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