Flux Series Products

6-4 Special Flux for the Solar Battery Components Assembly

6-4-1 9011 Flux Characteristics

1. Low solid content and higher heat-resistant

2. Powerful penetration on the Cu foil

3. The Cu foil surface is clean and the solder joint is bright after soldering

4. Quality is very stable

9011 Specification

NO. Specification Item specs
01 Flux Model 9011
02 Flux Categopy solar cells special purpose
03 Chemical Classification ORG
04 Joints Color Colorful
05 Solid Content 1.30±0.5wt/%
06 Physical State Liquid
07 Color of Liquid L-yellow
08 Specific Gravity(20℃) 0.800
09 Acid value 11.07mgkOH/g
10 spray factor ≥90%
11 Halide content 0.09
12 Insulation Resistance ≥1.0×1011Ω

9011 Compositions

Ingredients Contents Threshold Limit value(TLV) Remark
Moldfied Resin w/w 2.0-8.0    
Surfactant 1.0-2.0    
High Boiling Point Solvent 2.0-13.0    
Organic Acid Activator 1-5    
Heat Stabilizer 1.0    
Run-Agent Help 1.0-6.0    
Film-Forming Agent 2.0-3.0    
Solvent others 400ppm  

9011 Physical And Chemical Characteristics

Appearance Liquid Odour Aromatic
Specic Gavotte(20℃) 0.795±0.010 Melting Point(℃) -90
Boilng Point(℃) 83.0±2.0 Vapor Densitv(Air=1) 2.0
Vapor Pressure 32mmHg Evaporation Rate(Ether=1) 16-20

9011 Reactivity Data

Stabiltty Stable 
Conditions To Avoid Keep In Cool Dry Place Avoid Direct Sunlight And Extensive Heat
Incompatbility(Materials To Avoid) Acid Or Alkaline Solutions, Water, Grease, Inorganic Materials
Hazardous Decomposition Products Oxidant
Hazardous Polymerization Will Not Occur
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