Flux Series Products

6-3 High Purity Water-based Flux

6-3-1 6602 Characteristics

“Focus on the environmental protection and provide eco-friendly products”is the target of Zhongya. For this purpose, a kind of water-based halogen-free flux was developed for the wave soldering by ourselves. This product meets the ISO14001 standard and RoHS directive. The wettability of this product is similar to the organic solvent flux. However, this product is safer and cheaper than the organic solvent flux.


  1. Halogen-free.
  2. Safe and non-flammable.
  3. No volatile organic solvent and the content is very stable
  4. Dispense with dilution before use.
  5. Lower solid content and lower residue after soldering.
  6. Colorless、inodorous and non-toxic
  7. Excellent solder ability, the joint is full and bright after soldering.
  8. Safe and easy for transit and storage

This product meets the GB/T9491-2002, ANSI/J-STD-004 and MIL-F-14256D standard, and has passed the SGS certification. The application fields: Computer main board and related parts, communication equipment, video/audio products, electronic toys, home appliances, etc.

6602 Specification

NO. Pecification Specs
01 Flux Type ZY-6602
02 Flux Categopy RMA
03 Chemical Claddification Organic
04 Joints Color Colorless
05 Solid Content 0.8wt%
06 Physical State Liquid
07 Color Of Liquid Colorless
08 Specific Gravity(20℃) 1.05±0.005
09 Boling Point(℃) 100±2.0℃
10 Resistivity fo water Extraction(Ω.cm) ≥5×104Ω
11 Acid value 17.0±5.0mgKOH/g
12 Spread Ratio 86%
13 Halide Content 0
14 Iniulation Resistance 1.0×1012Ω
15 Corrosion Test Pass
16 Applications Spray,Foam
17 Pre-Coating Prohibited
18 Thinner Used NO

6602 Application Parameters

NO Items Parameters
1 method foam,sprey dip
2 Flux dosage Spray 400-800mg/m2
Foam 500-900mg/m2
3 Pre-heating temp Upside Temp single side PCB:60-110℃
Downside temp single side PCB:95-100℃
4 Furnace temp 265±5℃(Sn-0.7Cu)
5 Heating speed <2℃/s
6 Cnveying speed 1.0~1.5 m/min
7 Track anger 4.5o±0.5o
8 Wetting time 3-4s
9 Dissolvent High-purity water
10 Period of validity one year
11 Package unit 20L/barrel,5gal/barrel

( Additional: The content of the active component in the flux will be declining along with time in foam application. It is recommended to adjust the content with fresh flux, and regularly renew the flux according to the procedure condition.)

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